Welcome Entertainment & Unique Events


Unique Events – The Art of Welcome Entertainment

The reception situation or welcome entertainment is a good opportunity to greet guests, colleagues and customers with appreciation. At the same time, it is an opportunity to get in the mood for the topic of the evening or the reason for the event and to position yourself as a company.

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Unique company events: First impressions count

Basically, the reception of guests is like meeting a potential new customer: The first impression counts.

It is often underestimated that the cornerstones of a company’s philosophy become recognizable at the reception and anchor themselves in the guests’ minds.

If a company positions itself in business life with an outstanding service, then this company should already ensure at the reception of the guests that one feels and sees this service thought.

Experiencing the company philosophy creates a connection with the feelings of the guests, which are automatically recalled at the next customer contact. These subconscious feelings and connections remain simply longer in memory than advertisement. That’s why unique events are so valuable when they are purposefully used and consciously implemented.


Event goals and messages

The guests recognize very fast how warmly and with which respect the host receives his guests. Whether an event is e.g. lastingly aligned or particularly imaginative, whether the event is well coordinated organizationally and whether the guest can orientate himself fast. Guests need to feel well fast and come into conversation easy. All this is automatically linked to the host. And straight therefore each host should be conscious of it and should use the possibilities for his goals and messages consciously. From the receipt to the parting of the guest.

Orientation and entertainment

The goals of an event and the cornerstones of the company philosophy can also be made recognizable or underlined with the right live entertainment.

The appropriate welcome entertainment offers the guests orientation (follow me) as well as entertainment and relaxation. It can help to get into conversation in the foyer or with the table neighbor. It can clearly reinforce, present and pronounce the organizer’s messages. Live entertainment (stars, shows, celebrity speakers, performances …) can also become the emotional highlight of an event and always establish a connection to the organizer and present his messages in an unforgettable way.

What does a live entertainment producer say about corporate events?

Lenn Kudrjawizki (Actor, musician and founder of the Berlin Show Orchestra):

“At events I wish, as with a good film, to immerse myself in another world. With our Welcome- and Music Acts we try to achieve exactly that with the guests and support organizers in creating their own worlds.”

Legrain Production Video Trailer: Berlin Show Orchestra – a Show Orchester from Berlin

Legrain Productions Trailer – custom made Music, Live Entertainment Shows and Film Production

What does stars say about corporate events?

Ute Lemper: “Company events are always a special challenge for artists. It helps to know the background and goals of the event and to have a professional team and contact person at your side.”

Artful Live Entertainment

Whether Branded Eycatcher, like e.g. Art-Ballooning or Sway Poles as brand activation, which receive the guests and are already recognizable from afar, pointing to the event and give orientation (e.g. on large fairs) or stylish musical reception with piano or quartet. Or what about E-Violines and DJs or thematically suitable mobile musicians, performers or artists? Think about Welcome Walk Acts matching the style of the event … These are all possibilities which, if selected or styled to match the event and the ambience of the premises, can achieve your effect.

Emotional Catering

But this can be increased and made more artistic by presenting the Flying Food in a special way and by being presented by performers in an unusual way.

If the space is occupied by art, performance, artistry, projections and visually unusual entertainment, then – in combination with culinary delights – a particularly intensive form of experience is created.

Awards and prize-giving ceremonies

When it comes to welcoming guests and interacting with a variety of award winners at awards and events, musically flexible and mobile shows are a way to pick them up from their seats and still keep the guests entertained until the award winner is on stage. The music and the outfit should be tailored to the award winners or the special prize. The mobile performers can also interact with video content, 3D projection mapping or be staged as aerial acts and used in a variety of ways.


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