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Artist booking & finding talents requires sensitivity & experience

Artist Relations Manager and Talent Buyer Stefan Lohmann has earned himself a very good reputation in the industry when it comes to artist booking and finding talents. This is proven by various reports in the specialist media: Event Partner, Musikwoche, Memo Media, Beschaffung Aktuell, Blach Report, Events Magazin, Tagungsplaner, Event Inc. event portal, Forum nachhaltiges Wirtschaften, … Many have reported about him. He is regarded as one of the most respected professionals in the field of stars & artists booking. Stefan Lohmann enjoys great trust with event agencies and organizers, as well as with national and international stars.

The Hamburg Artist Relations Manager ensures sustainable contacts to the stars who really have something to say at the German Sustainability Award.

„Stefan, will you be there ...?“

“I don’t know of any agent in Germany who has understood our subject so well. His insider knowledge, his good contacts and his commitment are a great help to us.” Says Stefan Schulze-Hausmann, initiator of the German Sustainability Award.

“Stefan, will you be there, then I know everything will be fine” – UB40 – one of britains best selling international artists.

“When booking stars & artists, what counts above all is mutual trust, the right tact in negotiations and experience in the respective scene of the artist.” Says Stefan Lohmann about his work.

Over artist booking & finding talents for the respective meeting beyond, Stefan Lohmann provides in addition for the suitable master program, presentation and Celebrity-, Keynote Speaker. Whether accompanying orchestra, party band, artistry, show acts, aerial shows or after show DJ – Stefan Lohmann offers 360 degree live entertainment concepts for events of any size.


Mega stars

The Artist Relations Manager offers contact to the international megastars of the industry such as Ed Sheeran, Robby Williams, Amy MacDonald, Elton John, Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, Bryan Adams, Sting, Rihanna, Pink, Jamie Cullum, Lionel Richie, John Legend, David Hasselhoff, Nelly Furtado, Kylie Minogue, Shakira, Annie Lennox, … but not every event has a corresponding budget and not always a big star is the best entertainment possibility for the respective event.

Stefan Lohmann is always there for his customers to help them choose the artists that really fit their needs.

Here is the portrait of Stefan Lohmann in the German Event Partner magazine:


Howard Jones Berlin Show Orchestra

Howard Jones Artist Information

Howard Jones is a British singer and musician who has been involved in the pop business since the early 1980s. Born in 1955 in Southampton, England. Howard Jones is one of the most successful musicians of the 80s. With hits like “What is love?”, “New Song” or “No one is to blame” he became a…

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Right Said Fred Booking Stefan Lohmann Artist Relations

Right Said Fred

Since their formation in 1989, brothers Fred and Richard Fairbrass have had a long list of successes as songwriters and as a band: Number one hits in 70 countries, including two number one hits in the US, three number one hits in the UK and one number one in Japan. Right Said Fred were also…

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Fury in the Slaughterhouse – Artist Information

Sometimes rocky, sometimes irresistible catchy tunes, sometimes soulful ballads, but always intense and above all live a force: Fury in the Slaughterhouse from Hannover are one of the most successful German bands of the 90s and the last decades. Fury in the Slaughterhouse – Bands of the 90s At the end of 1986 the brothers…

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Holly Johnson Booking and artist information

Holly Johnson’s unique and impressive voice became well-known worldwide with the Liverpool band Frankie goes to Hollywood and is mentioned in the same breath with artists like Billy Idol, Culture Club, Spandau Ballet or Kate Bush. Holly Johnson – an exceptional talent Holly Johnson’s unique and impressive voice became well-known worldwide with the Liverpool band…

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With Live Entertainment to a cult brand

Cult brands are continuously unconventional and have special quality characteristics such as emotional added value until they reach cult status. Belonging to a cult brand conveys a sense of unity. Rituals often play a major role for cult brands, whether it’s the Nutella jar on the breakfast table or the queues outside the Apple Stores.…

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belinda carlisle booking stefan lohmann

Belinda Carlisle Booking and artist information

With songs like “We Got the Beat“, “Heaven Is a Place on Earth” or “Circle in the Sand” she stormed the charts in Europe and America: Belinda Carlisle has sung some of the most successful hits of the 80s both as a singer of the Go-Go’s and as a solo artist. From a nightclub to…

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Samantha Fox Booking and artist information

Whether for pop songs like “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me Now” and “Naughty Girls (Need Love Too)” or her provocative outfits with a blond curly mane – singer Samantha Fox is one of the most famous stars of the 80s worldwide. Stars of the 80s – Samantha Fox Successful not only as a singer Samantha Fox…

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Bands of the 90s

Live entertainment expert Stefan Lohmann summarizes the most famous 90s stars and bands of the 90s and their world-famous 90s hits. The artists mentioned above are still active and can be booked for events. As an internationally active Talent Buyer and Artist Relations Manager, Stefan Lohmann ensures sensational live entertainment concepts and books the right…

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Anna Netrebko Booking and artist information

The Russian-born opera singer Anna Netrebko has become one of the most popular interpreters of classical music worldwide. She has already performed on all important stages around the globe. The Russian-born opera singer Anna Netrebko has become one of the most popular interpreters of classical music worldwide. She has already performed on all important stages…

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Blondie – booking and artist information

Blondie was founded in New York in 1974 and is one of the most important representatives of the New Wave. The band developed into one of the most important artists of the 80s. Debbie Harry Biography The New Wave Band was founded by guitarist Chris Stein and singer Debbie Harry. Debbie Harry had already had…

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Lisa Stansfield – Booking and Artist Information

Music from the 90s: this is Lisa Stansfield. With her number one hit “All Around The World” she established Soul-Pop internationally in 1989. Lisa Stansfield – “British Queen Of White Soul”  The British singer was born on April 11, 1966 in Heywood, County Lancashire (now District Greater Manchester) and grew up in the neighbouring town…

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Purple Schulz – Booking and Artist Information

The German ”Deutschpop” is known for its soulful lyrics that speak from the soul of the listener, inspire reflection and convey: “That’s how it feels!” This music scene has been shaped by many unforgettable voices. One of them is the German songwriter Purple Schulz. In the mid-80s he appeared in the musician’s heaven and is…

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Paul Young Booking and Artist Information

It is 1983, Helmut Schmidt is German Chancellor, Hamburger SV becomes German football champion and the first mobile phone is launched in the USA. In addition, a 27-year-old Briton from the tranquil Luton literally gives music a new soul. His name: Paul Young – former front man of the band Q-Tips. Stars of the 80s…

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Keynote Speaker David Hasselhoff

Keynote Speaker David Hasselhoff

David Hasselhoff is undisputedly an absolute world star. For about 40 years he has been able to inspire people all over the world with his TV productions, his singing and through his personality. Knight Rider and Baywatch each broke viewer records worldwide. David Hasselhoff is a phenomenon! He is the darling of the press, a…

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ABC Booking and Artist Information

ABC is a British pop band from Sheffield founded in 1980. With the band singer and songwriter, Martin Fry became a star in the eighties. When you hear the name of the band ABC, you immediately think of the biggest hit of the British pop group. With “The Look of Love” they have gone down…

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Tony Hadley booking and artist information

Tony Hadley is one of the most famous pop singers and one of the pioneers of the NEW-ROMANTIC movement from the 80s. Longing, romance and strong emotions – hardly any other band was able to express these moments as well as the British pop formation Spandau Ballet. Their great hit singles of the eighties like…

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Adam Ant Booking und Künstlerinformation

Adam Ant booking and artist information

Adam Ant is one of the greatest and most successful stars of the 80s. With international hits like “Prince Charming” and “Stand and Deliver” the singer has written music history. His fascinating voice and his creative lyrics still inspire fans all over the world today. Adam Ant – Artist Biography The British musician Adam Ant…

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Stars of the 80s – Limahl – Booking and Artist Information

He celebrates his first successes as Kajagoogoo’s singer Limahl with the hit “Too Shy” and his eye-catching hairstyle, unforgettable he becomes the movie of the same name with the title song “The Never Ending Story”. The beginning of a story Many know the British singer Limahl as the charismatic frontman of the boygroup Kajagoogoo or…

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Melanie C sings at the German Sustainability Award

Melanie C sings at the German Sustainability Award

Melanie C sings at the German Sustainability Award – On 22.11.19 Melanie C will perform at the German Sustainability Award in Düsseldorf. The singer of the Spice Girls who became famous as Sporty Spice has promised her support for the German Sustainability Award after having stood up for the rights of the LGBT scene at…

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Alison Moyet The Other Tour 2019 Booking und Künstlerinformation Stefan Lohmann

Stars of the 80s – Alison Moyet – booking and artist information

Alison Moyet´s trademark was and is her characteristic, captivating soul voice, remarkably the broad musical spectrum she covers with her work. It ranges from punk rock and pop to chanson, blues and ballad. If you want to talk about the stars of the 80s, you can’t get past her. Stars of the 80s – Alison…

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Bands der 80er Bananarama Trio

Bands of the 80s – Bananarama

Bananarama Booking- and Artist Information Who has not danced in the 80s and sung along to the big hits of the girlie band Bananarama? Although the band name is almost a tongue-twister, their hits and lyrics were all the more catchy. As far as the music and its artists are concerned, this decade really had it…

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Blue-eyed Soul – Simply Red Artist information

Simply Red is a band of superlatives. Founded in 1984, the career highlight of the British soul and pop combo around charismatic singer Mick Hucknall lies in the same decade. The group has sold more than 50 million records to date. There is no end in sight. After a temporary dissolution, the musicians have been…

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The Alan Parsons Project – Booking- and Artist Information

The Alan Parsons Project set standards in progressive rock during its active period between 1975 and 1987. The eponym Alan Parsons had been a sound engineer for a long time and had worked with such absolute luminaries as the Beatles and Pink Floyd. For the latter, he was already working as a producer. The step…

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Alice Cooper – Booking- and Artist Information

First as a member of the band Alice Cooper and later as a solo artist under the same name, Alice Cooper has been inspiring fans of rock music worldwide for over 50 years. Thanks to his distinctively raw voice and shocking stage shows, Cooper became one of the elite rock musicians of the 80s. Godfather…

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Nostalgia – 80s Hits with Kate Ryan

80s Hits with Kate Ryan The creative Kate Ryan is not any kind of standard singer, she shines as a career artist not only with music from the 90s and 2000s, but also from the 80s. “I was born in 1980 and the music of those years has always attracted me.” 2019 – Kate Ryan…

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Talent Buyer Stefan Lohmann takes over booking for Germany’s largest open-air stage

The Volksschauspiele Ötigheim (Germany’s largest open-air stage in terms of stage area) and Artist Relations Manager Stefan Lohmann have decided on a long-term cooperation. The Hamburg live entertainment expert Stefan Lohmann is now responsible for booking the guest performance concerts within the Ötigheim Theatre Festival. Concerts by well-known artists are an integral part of the…

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Stars of the 80s – Matt Bianco – Booking- and Artist Information

The music of the eighties had it in itself and in every respect. The artists were shrill, bizarre, beautifully weird. Many had an outfit that was like a statement. We remember extravagant performances and music history was written. New music styles like Neue Deutsche Welle established themselves and synthie pop à la Depeche Mode came…

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Music and bands of the 80s

Who are the most famous bands of the 80s?

The 80s were flashy and weird – also musically. Many of the bands of the 80s have left their mark on this decade with innovative musical styles and are still extremely popular today. Here we summarize the most famous artists and bands of the 80s and their world-famous 80s hits in a list. These artists…

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Billy Ocean booking and artist information

Billy Ocean Billy Ocean is the biggest black recording star Britain has ever produced, one who has sold over 30 million records in his lifetime to date.Billy Ocean booking and Artist Information, his biggest Hits and best VideosSome of Billy Ocean’s biggest Hits you can find in info the video list below:Billy Ocean Video –…

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Scorpions – Booking and Artist Information

With big hits like “Wind of Change” or “Rock me Like a Hurricane” the Scorpions went down in history. In Germany anyway, but also internationally they are well known and belong to the classics of the rock genre. The unique voice of lead singer Klaus Meine is legendary and has an immense recognition value. The…

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Alphaville – booking and artist information

Alphaville has made herself immortal with her great hits and is “Forever Young” in the truest sense of the word – because her fans from the 80s anyway, but also many new fans who enthusiastically do not miss any of their concerts, can sing this song in all verses. Alphaville was the German band of…

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Audience magnet Milow plays free concert in Bad Soden

Messer Group GmbH, a major German industrial gas producer, turns 120. In order to make the celebration a truly unforgettable event, the company has organised a concert for Soden citizens, as Messer has its headquarters right in the city of Baden Soden. Admission to the concert was free, so that really all citizens had the…

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Event Partner Artists and Shows

Artist Booking Tips in Event Partner Magazine

Künstlervermittlung Tips: Gala & Event Booking Many thanks to Hans-Eberhard Kothe from  EMP ebi media produktions GmbH for the short interview. I was very pleased to be asked by Ebi Kothe to contribute my tips in the area of artist booking to his article in the Event Partner Magazine. The article can be found on…

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A-ha – booking and artist information

A-ha, the Norwegian band around the charismatic singer Morten Harket and with the typical sound of the 80s, inspires their fans now for more than 35 years. The band has released ten studio albums since its foundation in 1982 and sold more than 80 million records. Sound of the 80’s | A-ha Founded in 1982,…

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Stefan Lohmann brings Status Quo to the Jokerfest

Cult festival with Status Quo and The Baseballs completely sold out Hamburg 24.06.2019. The Jokerfest is the ultimate Thunderbike Roadhouse summer party for Harley fans with a ride in bike show and exclusive live entertainment. Also this year the limited tickets for the live concert were completely sold out after only a few days. Thunderbike…

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Arina Domski – Booking and Artist information

Crossover Opera Diva Nowhere else can emotions be shown as grippingly as in opera. It is the crown of all arts. The Opera Show by Arina Domski, star soprano from Ukraine, is able to bring this great world onto your stage. Not only since the worldwide success of the great three tenors Domingo, Pavarotti and…

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90´s hits with Kate Ryan

90´s hits with Kate Ryan Kate Ryan thrilled the adience at Germany’s biggest 90´s party Hamburg/Wiesbaden – 25.05.18 Kate Ryan made the over 10,000 fans of the 90’s Live Festival in Wiesbaden enthusiastic with her journey through the 90´s hits. Germany’s biggest 90´s party series! 90´s hits live party “The 90’s Live”-Festivals are the biggest…

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Roachford booking and artist information

Roachford Booking and Artist Information

Andrew Roachford Booking and Artist information Since Andrew Roachford found his way into the scene at the end of the 80s with unforgettable tracks like “Cuddly Toy” and “Family Man”, Andrew Roachford’s unconventional understanding of music has spread widely. Roachford with SWR BigBand This Generation Roachford Live Club Show – Cuddly Toy Andrew Roachford Biography…

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boxer booking and artists information

Boxer Booking and Artist Information

Boxer Booking and Artist Information B.O.X.E.R. blends indie-electro music with art, fashion and style. Based on success like the Musikexpress Style Award , shows at the GQ, Michalsky, Marina Hörmanseder, the shooting star of the Berlin Fashion Week, the presentation of Germanys Next Top Model by the brand STYLIGHT who picked the song „Sweat&Stripes”, and…

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sophie ellis bextor booking and artist information

Sophie Ellis Bextor Booking

Sophie Ellis Bextor Booking and Artist Information British singer, model and style icon Sophie Ellis Bextor Booking via Stefan Lohmann in Hamburg. In 2000 the single Groovejet (If This Ain’t Love) shot to the top of the British single charts in collaboration with the Italian DJ Spiller. Their music is a mixture of pop, dance…

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Opernball Leipzig Lenn Kudrjawitzki im Duett mit Kim Fischer

Lenn Kudrjawizki and his orchestra provide for cultural exchange

Lenn Kudrjawizki and his orchestra provide for cultural exchange ARD Brisant Report from the Leipzig Opera Ball 2017 Leipzig, November 4, 2017. With the motto “Moscow Nights”, co-moderator Lenn Kudrjawizki and his Berlin Show Orchestra ensured cultural exchange at the Leipzig Opera Ball 2017. “In spite of political tensions, cultural exchange should never be allowed…

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Stefan Lohmann sorft für nachhaltige Kontakte zu den Stars

Stefan Lohmann ensures sustainable contacts to the stars – German Sustainability Award

Stefan Lohmann ensures sustainable contacts to the stars! The German Sustainability Award is Europe’s highest distinction for ecological and social commitment. Artist Relations Manager Stefan Lohmann from Hamburg is responsible for the contacts to the stars. Press release – Hamburg/Düsseldorf, October 13, 2017 – This year’s honorary awards of the German Sustainability Award go among…

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Aura Dione Booking and artist information

Aura Dione Booking and artists information

Aura Dione Booking and Artist Information AURA (Aura Dione) is Denmark’s most successful contemporary pop artist. On her new album AURA DIONE establishes her musical talent as lead producer charting new territory with her music, voice and lyrics. Aura Dione Video – Geronimo Video Aura Dione – In Love with the world with Orchestra Aura…

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Matt Bianco Booking

Hapag Lloyd Cruises – Matt Bianco on board the MS EUROPA

Matt Bianco – Mark Reilly – meets MS EUROPA Party night on board the MS EUROPA on 22 July 2016 Prominents put poetry to the test at the Poetry Award Musical Star Act: Matt Bianco (Mark Reilly) „MS EUROPA meets Sansibar“ When the EUROPA cruises in front of the Queen of the North Sea on…

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Star News nik kershaw_mit dem Berlin Show Orchestra

Nik Kershaw about the Berlin Show Orchestra

“I truly loved performing with the Berlin Show Orchestra. Quality musicians under the leadership of Felix Neumann, whose attention to detail was impressive. Their onstage energy was infectious and i look forward to sharing a stage with them again”. Nik Kershaw BERLIN SHOW ORCHESTRA celebrates sustainable world premiere Howard Jones, Nik Kershaw & Jimmy Somerville…

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