Sustainability - Our Sustainability Strategy


Our Sustainability Strategy

Live entertainment expert Stefan Lohmann is one of those people who go to the trouble every day to rethink sustainability and shape it in their own way. Because of his sustainability strategy, he was included in the book project “Faces of Sustainability” (with Thomas D, Wladimir Klitschko, Hannes Jaenicke and others).

Sustainable management is an integral part of our corporate strategy:

Stefan’s basic idea of his sustainability strategy is that all companies act in a manner that conserves energy and resources, protects the environment, preserves biodiversity, respects human rights, uses modern technologies to adapt to climate change, creates high customer satisfaction, offers transparency, fair conditions and long-term cooperation.


Honorary Award for the Fantastic Four – Photo Darius Miszta – Artist Agency References

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Stefan Lohmann assumes entrepreneurial responsibility for sustainable development – Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – and aligns his private and entrepreneurial actions and management with the 17 declared goals of the United Nations: 17 Sustainable Development Goals to transform our world.

German Sustainability Award

Stefan Lohmann is an official partner and Artist Relations Manager of the German Sustainability Award. Artists related to sustainability who have performed there so far include Simply Red, Nelly Furtado, Jamie Cullum, Annie Lennox, Melanie C, Anastacia, Marius Müller Westernhagen, Die Fantastischen 4, Marlon Roudette, Art Garfunkel, Rea Garvey, Katie Melua, Roachford, Ute Lemper, Andreas Bourani, and many more.

The Platform for Sustainability in Event Business

Sustainable Event Solutions

With Sustainable Event Solutions, Stefan Lohmann founds a unique platform, network and database for organisers who want to implement their events in a sustainable way.

Sustainable Event Solutions offers the necessary know-how and the right partners, services and products for sustainable events and tours – All Suppliers at one Place!

With the database Sustainable Event Solutions makes the providers of sustainable solutions for the event industry visible and comparable.

The Sustainability Rider provides a simple and understandable guideline as a checklist for organisers and artists. With the Sustainability Rider, events and tours can be implemented sustainably.

The aim is for sustainable events to become the general standard.

Sustainable Event Solutions All Suppliers at one Place Logo

Sustainable Event Solutions

Sascha Lafeld, Jens Michow, Lasse (LEA), Stefan Lohmann

Sascha Lafeld (First Climate), Prof. Jens Michow (LEA), Lasse Ernst (Lea), Stefan Lohammn (Live Entertainment Experte, Berlin Show Orchestra)

Objectives of the sustainability strategy

“Our declared goal is for sustainable events to become the general standard in the event industry. We would like to make a decisive contribution to this with our companies.” – Stefan Lohmann

Live Entertainment Award (LEA)

Stefan Lohmann set a clear signal in the live entertainment industry by working with partners to ensure that the LEA Award – the most important award ceremony for the event industry – was climate-neutral.

Sustainable management and corporate philosophy

As a member of the association Versammlung ein eines ehrbaren Kaufmanns e.V. we adhere to these basic guidelines:

We reflect the consequences of our actions equally for our enterprises and our surrounding field, also beyond the borders of Germany.

We are committed to democracy, freedom, social security and the protection of human dignity and against corruption, violence, right-wing and left-wing extremism. We behave honestly and loyally and take into account the legitimate interests of others.

We are cosmopolitan and freedom-oriented. We stand by our word and handshake. We give and demand commercial trust: We negotiate fairly, perform as agreed and settle accounts correctly.

We act out of inner conviction and also want to communicate our values to the next generation.

Stefan Lohmann Foto international artist Relations
Ute Lemper with the Berlin show Orchestra beim Nachhaltigkeitspreis

Ute Lemper with Berlin Show Orchestra at the German Sustainability Award – Fotocredits Dariusz Misztal

2015 Founding of the Berlin Show Orchestra - the world's greenest Orchestra

The Berlin Show Orchestra and its partners are sustainably positioned and have therefore received support for the German Sustainability Award 2015 under the patronage of German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The Berlin Show Orchestra accompanied the international stars during the award ceremony and delighted the audience at the after-show party: “An exciting show, great flexibility, professional cooperation. The World’s greenest Orchestra. What more could you ask for? We’ll be happy to do it again soon! – says Stefan Schulze-Hausmann about the Berlin Show Orchestra – organizer of the German Sustainability Award.

Concrete implementation of the sustainability strategy

  • Reducing and optimizing energy requirements
  • No own fleet of vehicles, but use of rental and sharing systems
  • Use of biogas and green electricity from Greenpeace
  • Purchasing for office supplies geared towards sustainable products
  • Switch to organic products, avoidance of meat products
  • Use of public transport, bus and train instead of car and plane
  • Use of online meetings to avoid unnecessary travel
  • Use of sustainable hotels
    Compensation of unavoidable CO2 emissions
  • Use of the environmental print shop for business cards and printing documents
  • We pay attention to the sustainable orientation of service providers
  • We encourage our customers and partners to align themselves and events in a sustainable way.
  • We give lectures at schools, universities, conferences and forums.
  • We actively support women in the event business
  • We work completely transparently and disclose our contracts
  • Member of Entrepreneurs for Future
    Support of Unicef and NABU
Rea Garvey Nachhaltigkeitspreis Fotocredit Ralf R™hmeier

Rea Garvey receives German Sustainability Award

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Mikly Chancer erhalten deutschen Nachhaltigkeitspreis Artist Relations Stefan Lohmann

Milky Chance receive German Sustainability Award

The German band Milky Chance’s commitment to sustainable events is honored with the German Sustainability Award. German Sustainability Award – hybrid award ceremony The band will receive the award on the evening of December 3, 2020 during the presentation of the first German Sustainability Award for Design. The hybrid event, during which Milky Chance will…

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