Show acts - acrobatics and variety

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Modern show acts - acrobatics and variety

Urban show acts like street dance, parcour running, acrobatics with power, dynamics and speed, variety shows with touching shows and fantastic moments amaze the audience.

There are endless possibilities, the selection seems confusing and many people are faced with the question of what really fits to the event.

Welcome Entertainment, Light Juggling, Fire Show, Art Based Entertainment, Kids and Family Entertainment, Acrobatics, Mirror Ball, Contortion, Balance Acts, Musical Show Acts, Magic & Illusion, Food Entertainment, LED Show acts, Walk Acts, Laser Show acts, Vertical Ballet, Keynote Speaker, Moderators Air Artistic, Freestyle, LED BMX Show, Trampoline Wall, Diabolo, Air track Show, Street Percussion, Body painting, Sway Pole, Chinese Pole, Sling board, Comedy, Magician, Digital Artists, High Tech Entertainment, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality Performance, Hypnosis, Speaker, Rope Artistry, Cyr Wheel, Water Shows, …. the list can be continued indefinitely.

Stefan Lohmann is a partner at the side of his customers and offers the appropriate show acts – acrobatics and variety shows, based on the event specifications.

As experienced professionals we save our customers a lot of time and money. We increase the selection of artists and filter out the suitable artists, which perhaps our own might never have looked for.

“And what we don’t have, we create ourselves. We have direct access to artists, performers, actors, choreographers and creative people of all kinds. We develop shows together with our clients – Let’s Go Creative together!“ – Stefan Lohmann

Stefan Lohmann stands for modern productions and modern show acts that amaze and inspire the respective target group.


Suggestions and ideas for events


Theater & Dance Performances Keone & Mari

The choreographer duo Keone and Mari Madrid explore new territory in dance again and again. The couple with a well-deserved reputation as dance pioneers began a decade ago (long before dance videos were available) with their breathtaking YouTube clips and now with their impressive multidisciplinary work. An open minded look at where their interests might…

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Aerial Piano Show Vertical Piano Show

Event Ideas – Vertical Piano Show with Video Projection

A Vertical Piano Show is a live entertainment show with a pianist and his vertical instrument, a grand piano that simultaneously becomes a cinema screen. Both are presented to the audience floating in the air – as an aerial piano performance – hanging six meters above the ground in a vertical position. The pianist and…

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Body Projection Mapping - Dancing in the dark

Body Projection Mapping – Dancing in the Dark

Body Projection Mapping Show: Dancing in the Dark This is the new interactive motion art performance by Nora Kudrjawizki (Angelstrings) Angelstrings – Dancing Violin Show Angelstrings – Dancing Violin Show. These are two classically trained violinists and dancers who fascinate the audience again and again with their dancing violin show. The two professional violinists stage…

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Aida Show Ensemble booking and artist information

AIDA Show Ensemble | Booking and Artist Information

AIDA Show Ensemble Booking and Artist Information Creating together what stays in memory AIDA Show Ensemble booking and artist information Artists of the AIDA Show Ensemble from all parts of the world entertain each evening on the AIDA ships. Experienced musical performers take you into magical worlds and enchant you with live singing and dance…

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