Our service for public marketing

800th anniversary celebration Oranienburg-Märkische Allgemeine-Photo Credit Andreas Herz

800 years celebration in Oranienburg with suitable live entertainment for the city festival – Booking by Stefan Lohmann

Live Entertainment - City Festivals - Anniversaries - Events

As a one-stop solution for live entertainment, we support cities and those responsible for public marketing in activating city centres and organizing city festivals, anniversaries and opening events. We simplify artist booking and the creation of live entertainment concepts.

Together with our customers, we consider how to position yourselves as a city or region and attract attention. Whether stars, shows, orchestra, projection mapping, dance, fireworks, water show, drone show, party band, musical or the staging of historical events. Find out more about our one-stop solution today – everything from a single source.

Our service for public marketing

As Talent Buyer and Artist Relations Management, we operate internationally and see our task in providing our clients with comprehensive and transparent support in order to save costs and time and to expand the selection and possibilities for our clients.

With our own network of artists and creatives, we create 360-degree live entertainment concepts and create mid-point experiences based on our clients’ specifications.

Whether the Anniversary of German reunification in Frankfurt or the 800th Anniversary of Oranienburg – whether the International Garden Exhibition in Berlin, the Street Festival in Munich, Christopher Street Day in Stuttgart or the Hansesail in Rostock. We offer our support to create outstanding events with our customers. Events with attraction and radiance beyond the borders of the cities.

We cooperate nationwide with radio stations and media partners.

Through our work in the event business and in the concert and festival business, we know the different worlds very well and the different needs.

Bürgerfest zur Eröffnung der IGA 2017 in Berlin am 13.04.2017 mit Bundespräsident Frank-Walter Steinmeier

It’s a People’s Business.

Mutual trust plays a decisive role and is a competitive advantage. Through our transparent way of working, agents, artists and management, as well as our customers, trust us.

As part of our Sustainable Event Solutions interest group, we do everything we can to make events and tours climate-neutral, environmentally friendly and sustainable.

At a glance – what we offer our customers:

  • Quick market overview and offer preparation
  • Best possible prices through central purchasing and higher booking volume
  • Larger artist selection and creation of tailor made shows
  • Selection of suitable artists according to the specifications
  • International industry knowledge and networking
  • Creation of comprehensive live entertainment concepts
  • One-stop solution for any kind of live entertainment
  • Everything coordinated and from a single source
  • Transparent and trusting cooperation
    Climate-neutral and sustainable way of working
  • We make – for our customers – the impossible possible!

Suggestions and ideas for public events

Aerial Piano Show Vertical Piano Show

Event Ideas – Vertical Piano Show with Video Projection

A Vertical Piano Show is a live entertainment show with a pianist and his vertical instrument, a grand piano that simultaneously becomes a cinema screen. Both are presented to the audience floating in the air – as an aerial piano performance – hanging six meters above the ground in a vertical position. The pianist and…

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Talent Buyer Stefan Lohmann takes over booking for Germany’s largest open-air stage

The Volksschauspiele Ötigheim (Germany’s largest open-air stage in terms of stage area) and Artist Relations Manager Stefan Lohmann have decided on a long-term cooperation. The Hamburg live entertainment expert Stefan Lohmann is now responsible for booking the guest performance concerts within the Ötigheim Theatre Festival. Concerts by well-known artists are an integral part of the…

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Audience magnet Milow plays free concert in Bad Soden

Messer Group GmbH, a major German industrial gas producer, turns 120. In order to make the celebration a truly unforgettable event, the company has organised a concert for Soden citizens, as Messer has its headquarters right in the city of Baden Soden. Admission to the concert was free, so that really all citizens had the…

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3d Video Mapping - Video Projection Maping

Projection Mapping – Ideas for Events

Projection Mapping Innovate your event with projection mapping and 3D video mapping shows Hamburg/Wiesbaden – 3 April 2018 The possibilities of Projection Mapping and 3D Video Mapping Shows regarding company events, product presentations and brand positioning are enormous. Not only for company events with a very large budget is mapping a variant to inspire guests.…

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We make – for our customers – the impossible possible!