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Service for event agencies: live entertainment - artist booking - Events

What does our service for event agencies look like? As a one-stop solution for live entertainment, we support event agencies in their daily business. We simplify the booking of artists and the creation of tailormade live entertainment for our customers.

As talent buyer and artist relations management, we act internationally and see our task in supporting our customers comprehensively and transparently in order to save costs and time and to expand the selection and possibilities for our customers.

Take a look at our services for event agencies in the Event Portfolio.

Our Service for Event Agencies

With our own network of artists and creatives, we create 360-degree live entertainment concepts and create experiences right in the middle of the action based on our clients’ specifications.

Whether major events such as “Tag der Deutschen Einheit” or a Telekom customer event or as part of the Samsung brand world. We work for outstanding venues and for the best event and creative agencies.

Whether for leading and experienced event agencies such as Vok Dams, FischerAppelt, Stagg and Friends, MCI, Full Moon, Upstairs, Vagedes & Schmid, Pro Event/Ottomisu, White Labels, East End Communications or newcomer – with our service for event agencies we are always at the side of our partners.

Service for Event Agencies - Stage setup

It’s a People’s Business.

We work in the event business and in the concert and festival business. We know the different worlds very well and know the different needs. It’s a People’s BusinessMutual trust plays a decisive role and is a competitive advantage. Through our transparent way of working, agents, artists and management, as well as our customers, trust us.

As part of our Sustainable Event Solutions interest group, we do everything we can to make events and tours climate-neutral, environmentally friendly and sustainable.

At a glance – what we offer our customers:

  • Quick market overview and offer preparation
  • Best possible prices through central purchasing and higher booking volume
  • Larger artist selection and creation of tailor made shows
  • Selection of suitable artists according to the specifications
  • International industry knowledge and networking
  • Creation of comprehensive live entertainment concepts
  • One-stop solution for any kind of live entertainment
  • Everything coordinated and from a single source
  • Transparent and trusting cooperation
    Climate-neutral and sustainable way of working
  • Additional specialist / specialist without monthly fixed costs
  • We make – for our customers – the impossible possible!

Our Expertises


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We make – for our customers – the impossible possible!