Musical Concepts

Weltstar Ute Lemper mit dem Berlin Show Orchestra visit Berlin

Musical Concepts - Unique Music Concepts for Events

Each event has its own target group and unique message. When the audience is amused and inspired, they are more open to brand messages. That’s why the right music concepts and artist selection are crucial for every event.

With the Berlin Show Orchestra and Musical Director Felix Neumann, Stefan Lohmann offers unlimited possibilities for music concepts for any kind of event. Whether award show, product presentation, festival, radio event, company event or ball event.

“We create the perfect sound and the suitable live show for events of any size. Including guest singers, stars, show acts, presenters or keynote speakers”. – Stefan Lohmann

Musical Concepts: The right musical concept is created for every motto. Whether James Bond, Ländermotto, Great Gatsby Party, Roaring 20’s, Electro Festival, Classical 50’s, 60’s 70’s, 80’s, 90’s Party, Millenium Party, Garden Party, Rooftop Event, Fashion Show, Food Festival, …

But not only the suitable arrangements with the suitable instruments and musicians will be created. As an experienced talent buyer, Stefan Lohmann also books the matching original artists.

Marlon Roudette mit dem Berlin show Orchestra

Berlin Show Orchestra

The Berlin Show Orchestra is a project of the production company Legrain Productions by Lenn Kudrjawizki and music producer/musical director Felix Neumann. With Stefan Lohmann as partner, the show orchestra guarantees a high quality of outstanding arrangements and unique show acts. The versatility of look and style makes the Berlin Show Orchestra unique. It sees itself as a modern ensemble that follows the ideas and visions of the organizers.


Aida Show Ensemble

With the Aida Show Ensemble, Stefan Lohmann also offers exclusive access to singers, dancers and acrobats from one of the largest event organizers at sea. The ensemble inspires millions of viewers worldwide with its musical shows and costumes.


Aida Show Ensemble booking and artist information

Whatever you're planning, we'll make it possible.

Are you planning a multilingual event with international guests? We offer the suitable program, e.g. with a sensational Opera Show by Arina Domski with classical melodies in a modern sound garb.


Or with international party bands, who also provide pictures and atmosphere on big stages, which you don’t forget so fast.

Video Hot Town

Are you planning a festival or a concert with admission? We provide for attractive artists, so that your event will also be a financial success. (Link to references)

We offer a one-stop-solution when it comes to live entertainment.

Company party ideas – show concepts

Big Band Berlin Show Orchestra

Big Band “Berlin Show Orchestra” goes new ways

Mit der Big Band Berlin Show Orchestra, dem Regisseur Lenn Kudrjawizki und dem Musical Director Felix Neumann bietet Stefan Lohmann neue und unbegrenzte Möglichkeiten für Musik Konzepte für jede Art von Veranstaltung. Berlin Show Orchestra – Big Band, Party Band oder Tanzorchester Das Berlin Show Orchestra ist nicht nur eine Big Band oder ein Orchester, sondern ein Herzensprojekt…

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Why is violin music essential at events?

Whether as a greeting for the guests, as dinner music, accompaniment of the star guests, show acts or as an area show act. Violin music is indispensable at events – whether weddings, corporate events or gala’s. If there is one instrument that moves with the times in terms of innovative staging and constantly reinvents itself,…

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One Violin Orchestra with Star electric Violinist Nora Kudrjawizki

An electric violinist and a loop station: Nora gives well-known songs a very special sound and character. With her ONE VIOLIN ORCHESTRA, the Berlin violinist turns her one-woman show into an orchestra performance – and is celebrated by her Berlin fans for it. Electric violinist presents her new album The Berlin concert premiere on February…

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With Live Entertainment to a cult brand

Cult brands are continuously unconventional and have special quality characteristics such as emotional added value until they reach cult status. Belonging to a cult brand conveys a sense of unity. Rituals often play a major role for cult brands, whether it’s the Nutella jar on the breakfast table or the queues outside the Apple Stores.…

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