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Live Shows & Corporate Events for extra large reach

Live shows and corporate events have become increasingly valuable for brands in recent years. The growth in this industry speaks for the global strength of live events. In a world where people are increasingly living behind screens, “being there” is appreciated more than ever. In our experience economy, live entertainment is moving more and more into the centre of attention. Because fans spend overwhelmingly more money on experiences such as festivals and concerts than on material goods. This also significantly increases the expectations of events and company events in the professional environment.

Demand for live shows on the rise

The worldwide demand for concerts continues to grow, artists are more often on tour and sponsors are looking for connections to millennials and generation Z´s. There has never been a better time to focus on live entertainment concepts and corporate events to achieve your marketing goals.

As an international artist relations management with his own artist network, Stefan Lohmann has direct access to the stars, shows and the best artists worldwide:

“We are thus able to create any kind of show ourselves and tailor it to the respective event or company event”.


A professional network helps with planning and implementation

“Whether drone show, laser shows, water shows, video mpping, body projection and tracking systems … We are always on the lookout for the latest technical possibilities to provide our customers with breathtaking experiences. At the same time we are firmly convinced that well-trained artists are the best way to transmit emotions to the audience,” says Stefan Lohmann.

The success of Stefan Lohmann and his team is driven by a determined focus on developing the network idea. The team succeeds in creating one of the largest live event ecosystems and bringing together customers, artists and fans.

Aerial Piano Show Vertical Piano Show

Event Ideas – Vertical Piano Show with Video Projection

A Vertical Piano Show is a live entertainment show with a pianist and his vertical instrument, a grand piano that simultaneously becomes a cinema screen. Both are presented to the audience floating in the air – as an aerial piano performance – hanging six meters above the ground in a vertical position. The pianist and…

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Aida Show Ensemble booking and artist information

AIDA Show Ensemble | Booking and Artist Information

AIDA Show Ensemble Booking and Artist Information Creating together what stays in memory AIDA Show Ensemble booking and artist information Artists of the AIDA Show Ensemble from all parts of the world entertain each evening on the AIDA ships. Experienced musical performers take you into magical worlds and enchant you with live singing and dance…

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Party band HOT TOWN – International Entertainment

Party band HOT TOWN – Outstanding entertainment Party band Hot Town delivers outstanding entertainment to party with the audiences worldwide. Their mission is to unite the people and to create a fantastic memory for multinational events and guests that will last forever. That’s the reason why they are one of the go-to bands for major…

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3d Video Mapping - Video Projection Maping

Projection Mapping – Ideas for Events

Projection Mapping Innovate your event with projection mapping and 3D video mapping shows Hamburg/Wiesbaden – 3 April 2018 The possibilities of Projection Mapping and 3D Video Mapping Shows regarding company events, product presentations and brand positioning are enormous. Not only for company events with a very large budget is mapping a variant to inspire guests.…

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Cideo Mapp un3d Hologramm effekte building Mapping

3D Projection and Hologram Effects

Event ideas: 3D Projection and Hologram Effects 3D projection and hologram effects offer breathtaking possibilities to position yourself as a company, present products and inspire the audience.   From visual storytelling to explaining products and services, 3D projection offers endless possibilities. 3D Projection Video content can be created to match the event and CI of…

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Opernsängerin Sopranistin Opera Show by Arina Domski

Soprano Arina Domski – Opera / Classic / Crossover

Soprano Arina Domski – Opera / Classic / Crossover Arina Domski (soprano, opera singer) is the most popular classical pop crossover singer of Ukraine. The soprano Arina Domski graduated from the R. Glier Kyjiw National Music Institute and the National Music Academy of Ukraine Peter Tchaikovsky in academic singing (class of Professor Petrynenko D. I.).…

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Angeslstrings Weihnachtsshow

Ideas for Christmas Parties

Ideas for Christmas Parties or Company Celebrations Preparing Christmas events in beautiful summer weather, yes, Christmas is not an easy matter for event planners either. On the one hand, the company events should take up the Christmas atmosphere during this time. On the other hand, it should not become too “holy”, too Christmassy. Thats why…

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