Well staged live entertainment concepts provide for an emotionalization of the audience and for unforgettable experiences, which connect brands and customers sustainably with each other.

One-stop solution for 360-degree live entertainment concepts.

With his unique one-stop-solution for live entertainment Stefan Lohmann and his team combine the booking of worldwide known stars, innovative shows, aerial acts and performers of every kind to fascinating worlds of experience.

As an international network of artists and creatives, Stefan Lohmann offers his clients custom-made live entertainment concepts and exciting mid-point experiences. What is not available on the market is created especially for the customers!

Stefan Lohmann helps brands and organizers to make targeted use of the attractiveness and diverse possibilities of live entertainment for PR, content and marketing strategies.

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What makes us different

  • We stand 100% on the customer side and work completely transparently.
  • We offer free advice from internationally experienced experts.
  • We optimize purchasing – thus saving our customers time and money.
  • We work as a one-stop-solution for live entertainment of any kind.
  • We create 360 degree live entertainment concepts based on the objectives.
  • We negotiate the fees and contracts on behalf of our clients.
  • We help our clients to implement climate-neutral and sustainable events.
  • We make the impossible possible *The One-Stop-Solution for international Live Entertainment Concepts!*

Are you planning an event?

Here you get 100% free expert advice!

What drives us

We are live entertainment designers with passion and love what we do. With our One-Stop-Solution for live entertainment and our network of artists and creatives we fulfill our own dream – with unlimited possibilities for us and our customers.

Events are becoming more and more valuable as part of our marketing strategy and customer loyalty. Here we support with sensational live entertainment concepts.

Curiosity, inventiveness and the passion for shows connect our network. The same quality standards and values weld it together. We are convinced that events can always be inspiring, environmentally friendly and sustainable. This conviction drives us to continuously optimize our processes.

What the press and customers say about us

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Event Portfolio

Samsung GalaxyS10 Event mit Glasperlenspiel

Samsung brand experience with Glasperlenspiel

Glasperlenspiel at Samsung event CONTACTKey data – Artist booking Category: Concerts, Corporate Events Date: 2019 Service: International Artist Relations, Artist Booking Artist: Band Glasperlenspiel Artist booking for concerts Glasperlenspiel at Samsung live Entertainment Glasperlenspiel is the highlight of the Samsung Galaxy S10 event. In addition to the new Samsung flagship product S10, the brand staging to…

Milow for all Bad Soden residents in the Kurpark

Singer and Songwriter Milow CONTACTKey Data – Bands Booking Category: Concert Date: June 2019 Service: International Artist Relations, Artist Booking Artist: Milow Artist booking for concerts Audience favourite Milow plays free concert for the Bad Sodeners Messer Group GmbH, a major German industrial gas manufacturer, celebrated its 120th birthday in 2019. In order to make…

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Blog & News

80's Classix mit Nik Kershaw und dem Berlin Show Orchestra

80’s Classix Show with the Berlin Show Orchestra

80’s Classix Show – The Berlin Show Orchestra knows the cult hits from the 80s and reinterprets the songs in a unique orchestral garb. Back to the 80’s  Whether Back to the Future, Flashdance, Ghostbusters, Fame, Star Wars, Blues Brothers, Indiana Jones, Dirty Dancing, Schimanksi, A Chorus Line, shoulder pads, neon colours, Rubik’s Cubes or…


lenn Kurjawizki

Lenn Kudrjawizki and the Berlin Show Orchestra

Who is Lenn Kudryavitsky ? Lenn Kudryavitsky is an actor, singer, musician, director and co-founder of the Berlin Show Orchestras.. Actor Lenn Kudrjawizki: Born in Leningrad, Lenn initially enjoyed comprehensive acting, speech, piano and violin training in East Berlin, which he successfully completed with a diploma in 2003. In 1994, Lenn made his television debut…


Legend buchen

LEGEND – Insider tip from Iceland

LEGEND – insider tip from Iceland – inspires the fans in the Dormagen scene pub Tank-Stelle. “Vikings rock in clouds of fog” – writes the Rheinische Post. Fans and organizers are totally enthusiastic about Legend, the Icelanders who are still considered an insider tip. Monkeypress was also enthusiastic about the “songs from the outstanding debut…


Nelly Furtado booking and artist information

Nelly Furtado Booking and Artist Information

Nelly Furtado Nelly Furtado Booking and Artist Information New Single: Cold Hard Truth Nelly Furtado reports back with a new song “Cold Hard Truth,” which she performed on the Seth Meyers Late Night Show. Her new album The Ride will be released in March 2017. Nelly Furtado is one of those stars who really have…


Guano Apes Booking and artist information

Guano Apes – 20 Jahre Proud like God Guano Apes Booking and artist information – One of the best German rock bands ever!!! The debut album of the Guano Apes was released on 06.10.1997, it was called “Proud Like A God” and contained among others the titles “Open Your Eyes”, “Rain”, and in a subsequent…


Madcon Information and Best of Videos

Madcon Information & Best of Videos Background information about Madcon Madcon that are the two rappers Tshawe Baqwa and Yosef Wolde-Mariam from Norway, who call their joint project MADCON (abbreviation for ‘Mad Conspiracy’). Their album “So Dark The Con Of A Man” is a surprise success because of the single “Beggin”. Not only in Norway,…


Melanie C Booking und Künstler Information

Melanie C is a British singer and songwriter who became famous for her membership in the band Spice Girls. There she was known as both “Mel C” and “Sporty Spice” because she was responsible for flickflacks and similar athletic feats during performances. In 1998, she began a successful solo career as Melanie C. Melanie C…



Ace of Base – Booking and artist information

The name Ace of Base stands for the Swedish pop group that became famous in the international charts in the 90s with their songs like “All That She Wants” or “Happy Nation”. One of the main founders of Ace of Base is Jonas Berggren, who was able to recruit his two sisters Malin and Jenny…


Jamie Cullum Booking and Artist Information

Jamie Cullum (born August 20, 1979) is an English jazz-pop singer-songwriter and radio host. Although he is mainly a singer and pianist, he also accompanies himself on other instruments, including guitar and drums. Since April 2010, he has hosted a weekly evening jazz show on BBC Radio 2. Jamie Cullum – Artist information Jamie Cullum…


Kool and the Gang Booking and Artist Information

Kool & The Gang for your event Kool & The Gang is an American soul, funk and disco band that have achieved an international cult status. The band has sold over 70 million albums worldwide and influenced the music of three generations. Thanks to songs like Celebration, Ladies Night, Get down on it, Joana, Cherish,…


What we do

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Music Concepts

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World of Dance

Aerial Entertainment

What We Do! FAQ

What information do you need to create offers for live entertainment?

This is actually very uncomplicated. Involve us early in your event planning and send us the key data such as target group (guests), marketing goals (what do you want to achieve with the event, what messages do you have for your guests). If you have a budget, we will do the rest for you. We advise you free of charge and provide you with the best possible conditions. If it comes to the booking of the artist and the respective contractual conditions are accepted on both sides, we also take care of the smooth running and coordination of the trades. Our commission always pays off for our customers.

What does a talent buyer do?

The term is more common in the USA than in Europe. Basically, the Talent Buyer works alongside and on behalf of clients. The Talent Buyer has the expertise and knows which artist fits which event. He observes the market continuously and cultivates his good contacts to artists, agents and management. The lively exchange allows him to identify and exploit opportunities at an early stage. The merging of events and multiple bookings often brings further advantages for the customer. A Talent Buyer provides customers with an experienced specialist who is familiar with the jungle of the international live entertainment business, who increases the selection of artists and saves costs.

Do you only work locally in Hamburg and surroundings?

No, we are nationwide and internationally positioned. Stefan Lohmann – Talent Buyer & Booking Agent is based in Hamburg, but we book international artists and live shows for events and corporate events worldwide.

Do you only do corporate events?

No, we see ourselves as the connecting link between the concert business and the event business. We understand both worlds, we speak both languages and know the fine distinctions very well. We look after event agencies and event organisers as well as concert and festival organisers.

What distinguishes you from other providers or another booking agency?

In contrast to most other providers, we offer everything from a single source when it comes to live entertainment. Some offer stars, others offer keynote speakers, still others offer show acts, still others create shows, …We offer in the area of live entertainment everything from a single source.

Can you send me your artist roster?

No. As Artist Relations Management, Artist Agency and Artist Network we don’t usually advertise individual artists and shows, but we offer our clients the service to present or create the really suitable artists and shows based on the specifications. Send us your event specifications and we will immediately send you a suitable selection of artists for show acts that really fit to your event. And if there isn’t one, we’ll create it for you.