Keynote Speaker and Show Moderations


How to find a suitable Keynote Speaker?

How do you find the right speaker for an event? Which content is relevant for the target group? Which moderator fits the brand? Which messages do I want to send about the show moderation and the target group?

Live entertainment expert Stefan Lohmann advises his clientele and follows the same selection principles as for show programs and international stars.

First of all, the target group must be identified and named. Then the objectives of the event and the messages to be broadcast must be defined. Only when the budget for show moderation and speakers has been determined can the selection of the appropriate keynote speakers and presenters be made.

The choice and variety of topics of the speakers are enormous and the negotiations with the celebrity speakers need a different sensitivity and experience than with business speakers.

Whether actors such as Robin Wright (House of Cards), Will Smith, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jessica Alba, John Travolta, Jared Leto, Scarlett Johansson, Ashton Kutcher, George Clooney, Nicolas Cage or Colin Firth, whether politicians, business speakers, motivation trainers or vocal coaches for Women & Men in Leadership – as Artist Relations Manager and Talent Buyer Stefan Lohmann is always at the side of his clients and ensures the best possible conditions in negotiations with artists and managers.


Keynote Speaker Ideas For Events