Dance Music Events & Dance Performances


Unlimited possibilities of expression: dance music events & dance performances

Energetic, passionate, sensual, acrobatic, dynamic. Dance music events & dance performances with electrifying choreographies are a magnet for spectators. Dance shows trigger the joy of life and movement. The further development of the different dance performance styles is exciting and leads to the wildest cooperations. Ballet revolution, Flying Bach, performances in videos of international stars, TV ballet, cello and street dance, performances with video content interaction. There are no limits to the imagination.

Live entertainment expert Stefan Lohmann and his team explore the possibilities in the field of dance performances and combine the dancers with other artists and shows.

Angelstrings – The Dancing Violin Show. Two classically trained dancers and violin players offer the organizers completely new possibilities of staging.

Individual dance shows and musicals are offered in cooperation with the AIDA Show Ensemble. And with video mapping shows they include modern dance dancers and show dancers. The boundaries between the real world and virtual reality disappear.

Blacklihgt Thearre Dance Show schwarzlicht-theater-tanzgruppe-udi

Russian dance group UDI shines in the sky of the blacklight theatre

At the latest since their success at the casting shows Britain’s got Talent and America’s got Talent, the dance group from Tomsk celebrates worldwide great success with their unique blacklight theater. Inspired by a concert visit with Michael Jackson they tell their story with the help of a classical dance show and an accompanying light…

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Theater & Dance Performances Keone & Mari

The choreographer duo Keone and Mari Madrid explore new territory in dance again and again. The couple with a well-deserved reputation as dance pioneers began a decade ago (long before dance videos were available) with their breathtaking YouTube clips and now with their impressive multidisciplinary work. An open minded look at where their interests might…

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Body Projection Mapping - Dancing in the dark

Body Projection Mapping – Dancing in the Dark

Body Projection Mapping Show: Dancing in the Dark This is the new interactive motion art performance by Nora Kudrjawizki (Angelstrings) Angelstrings – Dancing Violin Show Angelstrings – Dancing Violin Show. These are two classically trained violinists and dancers who fascinate the audience again and again with their dancing violin show. The two professional violinists stage…

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Aida Show Ensemble booking and artist information

AIDA Show Ensemble | Booking and Artist Information

AIDA Show Ensemble Booking and Artist Information Creating together what stays in memory AIDA Show Ensemble booking and artist information Artists of the AIDA Show Ensemble from all parts of the world entertain each evening on the AIDA ships. Experienced musical performers take you into magical worlds and enchant you with live singing and dance…

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3d Video Mapping - Video Projection Maping

Projection Mapping – Ideas for Events

Projection Mapping Innovate your event with projection mapping and 3D video mapping shows Hamburg/Wiesbaden – 3 April 2018 The possibilities of Projection Mapping and 3D Video Mapping Shows regarding company events, product presentations and brand positioning are enormous. Not only for company events with a very large budget is mapping a variant to inspire guests.…

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