Aerial Entertainment – Vertical Showacts


Visible from a distance: Areal Entertainment and Vertical Showacts

Aerial Entertainment and Vertical Showacts attract the attention of the audience from afar. Ideal for trade fairs and building openings. But also to promote brands in public spaces.

Areal entertainment and vertical show acts are very popular as stage show acts for product presentations and festival events. There is no better way for a brand than to interact with aerial acrobatics at festivals and city festivals of its target group. Whether as Welcome Act or as Participation Action (Flying Fox (cable car), Facade Run, Art Ballooning, Aerial Acrobatics, Strapates, Cloth Artistry, Aerial Silks, Aerial Hoops, The Bubble, Rope Dance, Trapeze, Vertical Rope, Vertical Cloth, Flying Pole, Slingboard, Trampoline Show, Russian Bars, Chinese Pole, Air Show …). The spectators are always fascinated by shows in dizzying heights.

Exciting combinations

As a live entertainment specialist, Stefan Lohmann and his team combine unusual shows, including stars and e.g. a live orchestra to a drone show with pyrotechnics. At the moment drones are very popular and unique on the market.

Whether cloth artistry (Aerial Silks), Flying Fire Show or vertical performer on house walls or abseiling with speed winches from the ceiling. Combining aerial shows with video projections, these shows unfold completely new possibilities for storytelling and brand loyalty.

Luftakrobatik aerial_02

Oversize yourself

In stadiums and arena shows, Art Ballooning can be used to raise huge screens with the logos and profiles of the stars. It is possible to project any content, e.g. to make the events appear much closer.

Also oversized logos, figures, birds, ships, airplanes and artists can be flown in over the audience, e.g. to the award ceremony or as part of a big show.

Stefan Lohmann and his team understand live entertainment as a 360-degree live and in-between experience. With Aerial Entertainment and Vertical Showacts, Stefan Lohmann offers more than just a view of a black stage. Also suitable for eSport events, other sports events and opening shows.

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