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Live Entertainment Experte & International Artist Relations Manager

Stefan Lohmann, born in 1973, is a Hamburg-based Talent Buyer and Artist Relations Manager. He creates live entertainment concepts for events of all sizes and orientations.

After working internationally as a salesman for live entertainment for more than ten years, Stefan Lohmann, a trained businessman for audio-visual media, switched to the customer side in 2014 and has since made available his experience, personal contacts, insider knowledge and negotiation skills as a buyer and artist relations manager.

He ensures the best possible conditions and a targeted selection of national and international stars, shows and artists. In addition, Stefan Lohmann conducts contract negotiations with the management of the artists at eye level and always ensures a smooth process between the parties and trades involved.

The aim is to simplify the booking of artists

Stefan: “As Artist Relations Manager and Talent Buyer, I work transparently and in partnership with clients to channel and simplify the procurement of live entertainment. We offer a one-stop solution for live entertainment and ensure the best possible conditions through our central purchasing and negotiation skills.”

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Stefan Lohmann is committed to environmental management and green ticketing becoming the standard in the entire live entertainment industry.

He has worked e.g. with First Climate AG to ensure that the Live Entertainment Award, the German Sustainability Award and tours by well-known artists are climate-neutral.

Stefan Lohmann was included in the book project “Faces of Sustainability” in 2016 and is a member of the association “Versammlung eines Ehrbaren Kaufmanns zu Hamburg e.V.


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