3D Mapping, Videomapping and Stage Design


New worlds of experience with 3D mapping, video mapping and stage design

Shows with 3D video mapping and projection mapping create new worlds of experience for the audience. Whether carmapping, 360 room mapping, building mapping or stage design, the possibilities are unlimited. Instead of fixed areas through screens and screens, 3D Projection Mapping allows stages and rooms to be completely changed within a show. Content can be played out in different areas of the stage again and again. This results in completely different possibilities for Keynote Speakers. Content becomes more vivid and almost tangible through 3D effects.

At product presentations the room can be transformed into a laboratory, a workshop or a pit stop alley at the race track. There are no limits to the imagination.

Mapping - Individual Entertainment

The interaction with 3D mapping or video mapping and video content by performers, dancers, musicians or even speakers opens up completely new possibilities for live entertainment and presentation.

Viewers can be given the opportunity to jump back in time to start a company or into the future. Like in a film – within seconds.

The video content and the show content are specially produced for each customer and can be ideally combined with aerial acts, acrobatics, musicians and much more.

Body Projection Mapping - Dancing in the dark

Body Projection Mapping – Dancing in the Dark

Body Projection Mapping Show: Dancing in the Dark This is the new interactive motion art performance by Nora Kudrjawizki (Angelstrings) Angelstrings – Dancing Violin Show Angelstrings – Dancing Violin Show. These are two classically trained violinists and dancers who fascinate the audience again and again with their dancing violin show. The two professional violinists stage…

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3d Video Mapping - Video Projection Maping

Projection Mapping – Ideas for Events

Projection Mapping Innovate your event with projection mapping and 3D video mapping shows Hamburg/Wiesbaden – 3 April 2018 The possibilities of Projection Mapping and 3D Video Mapping Shows regarding company events, product presentations and brand positioning are enormous. Not only for company events with a very large budget is mapping a variant to inspire guests.…

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Cideo Mapp un3d Hologramm effekte building Mapping

3D Projection and Hologram Effects

Event ideas: 3D Projection and Hologram Effects 3D projection and hologram effects offer breathtaking possibilities to position yourself as a company, present products and inspire the audience.   From visual storytelling to explaining products and services, 3D projection offers endless possibilities. 3D Projection Video content can be created to match the event and CI of…

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